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Weather Order Form

New orders are temporarily offline while we update some services. Processing of existing orders is continuing.

Archive Data

Our GFS Archive begins on May 21st, 2011. This is a pretty substantial data set, with about 450 GB of data per month, or 12 TB per year. We will gladly process the entire set, but you'll likely want a subset of the data. Here's your opportunity to break it down by location, date range, forecast range, field types, etc.
Archive Media:
< 10 GB: Internet
    (no min, max 25 GB, $5/GB after)
< 64 GB: USB Thumb Drive or SDHC Memory Card
    (min 1 GB, max 200 GB, $2/GB after, $100 min order)
> 64 GB: 3.5" SATA
    (min 20 GB, no max, $500 min order)

Live Data

Live GFS data is processed within seconds of the data becoming available on the GFS website. We extract subsets of the files, requesting only the data you need. This provides excellent performance since we don't wait for 50+ MB to be downloaded when we may only need a small fraction of that. Since these files are separated into 300+ sections of data, extracting just the necessary pieces can mean substantial time savings.
Live Media:
Internet only. We provide password protected FTP access to our server, or we can push files to your server via FTP, SFTP or SCP. Please indicate your preference on the order form.

There is no need to distinguish between Archive and Live data on the order form. Set the dates accordingly and we'll deliver.

Package Order

Package orders are a less fine-grained order than a la carte, but may cover exactly what you'd like. By selecting each Parameter field, all of the underlying subfields are selected. Rather than trying to wade through several hundred selections one by one in the a la carte order form, this will save some time on the order process.

A la Carte Order

Admittedly, the a la carte order form is intimidating. From the start, there has been internal debate about how to present a form with somewhere in the area of 700 selections in it. In the end, we knew that some customers would need to fine tune their orders for cost, space or performance reasons, or just need a small set of parameters for their requirements. We really do go out of our way to help out our customers, even if it means our web forms cost us significant development time.


Weather data pricing is based on the number of cells in your order, with an additional fee for formats. All data is delivered with a basic CSV file and the raw GFS file used to generate all data. Each additional format adds a 2% fee to the total cost. The number of cells and the associated prices can be calculated as follows:
Total cells = (number of days) * (model runs per day) * (latitude range * 2) * (longitude range * 2) * (number of analysis parameters + number of forecast parameters * forecast range / 3) * (1 + (number of formats - 1) * 0.02)

The cost is $1 per 250,000 cells. A 10% discount is applied to any order over 1 billion cells. A 20% discount is applied to any order over 10 billion cells.

Forecast range is divided by 3 since forecasts are provided in 3 hour increments (i.e. 3, 6, 9, …).
Forecast range starts at 3, since 0 is the analysis run.
Analysis count is used only if analysis data is requested.
Latitude and Longitude ranges are multiplied by 2 since data is in 1/2 degree increments (i.e. 10.0, 10.5, 11.0, …).
Number of formats is calculated based on no fee for the base CSV and GFS formats with each additional format charged as a 2% addition.

The table below should help illustrate this.
NameLat RangeLon RangeAnalysis FieldsForecast FieldsForecast StepsOutput FormatsTotal CellsPrice per Month
Gulf of Mexico - TMP7.51843467123,652,000$95
Gulf of Mexico - PRES7.518614706,604,416$26
Gulf of Mexico - Half7.5181601807192,016,000$368
Gulf of Mexico - All7.51831535871182,800,800$731
US 48 States - TMP24.559434670248,186,568$993
US 48 States - O3MR24.559667133,304,320$133
US 48 States - Half24.55916018071985,252,800$3941
US 48 States - All24.559315358701,918,176,187$7673
United Kingdom - TMP111143467121,199,200$85
United Kingdom - TCDC111116712,497,440$10
United Kingdom - Half11111601807080,824,128$323
United Kingdom - All111131535871163,843,680$655
Norway - TMP2329434671116,858,400$467
Norway - SPFH232933707,530,163$30
Norway - Half232916018071454,627,200$1819
Norway - All232931535871903,171,360$3613