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Live data is delivered via FTP or SFTP on our server or to yours.

Archive data is delivered via Internet, thumb drives or hard drives.

Data (GB)



< 4
Data transferrable in under an hour over most business connections
< 64
USB Thumb Drive
SanDisk USB thumb drive (SDHC memory card may be substituted)
< 750
SATA 2.5" bare hard drive
Western Digital or Hitachi drive
> 750
SATA 3.5" bare hard drive
Western Digital or Seagate drive
The above data:media points are chosen for best price per capacity as of 3Q 2013. If you have a particular request for media type, that can be indicated on the order form. Otherwise, data will be provided on the media indicated based on the final data size. Minimum and maximum data sizes, as well as any surcharges for non-default media are provided on the order forms.

We are aware USB thumb drives are available at higher than 64 GB capacity, but a 320 GB SATA 2.5" drive or a 500 GB SATA 3.5" drive costs less and provides higher capacity. Similarly, 1500 GB 2.5" SATA drives are available, but 3.5" SATA drives cost less at the same capacity. We are also aware of SSD performance and use them throughout our data processing, but they are cost prohibitive for archive and transfer of data.

The products mentioned on this page are what we use and recommend, and what you can expect your data to be delivered on. While we recognize not everyone shares the same preferences as we do, our experience with these manufacturers has been very positive overall. We reserve the right to select a drive for data delivery at our own discretion.
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We use Voyager Docks for ease of use, versatility and price. We can drop any 2.5" or 3.5" SATA-based hard drive into the docks and start accessing the drive in moments.

We purchase top tier drives based on reputation and price. Our 2.5" drives are split between Western Digital and Hitachi mechanisms. Our 3.5" drives are split between Seagate and Western Digital mechanisms.

Note that only the drives are delivered to customers, not the docks. SATA drives can be installed into customer laptops, desktops or docks as needed.
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We use SanDisk thumb/flash drives for reliability and performance. Thumb drives plug directly into the USB port on laptops and desktops and show up as a hard drive to the operating system.