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Financial Data Sets

Custom Visuals collects and processes Pricing data from Yahoo! Finance. Please inquire about additional details.

Available fields from Yahoo include:
Standard Fields
Company Name
Last Price
Last Trade Date
Last Trade Time
Percent Change
Average Daily Vol
Previous Close
Today's Open
Day's Range
52-Week Range
Earnings per Share
P/E Ratio
Dividend Pay Date
Dividend per Share
Dividend Yield
Market Capitalization
Stock Exchange
Real-Time Fields
Ask (real-time)
Bid (real-time)
Change in Percent (real-time)
Last trade with time (real-time)
Change (real-time)
Day range (real-time)
Market-cap (real-time)
Extended Fields
Short ratio
1yr Target Price
EPS Est. Current Yr
EPS Est. Next Year
EPS Est. Next Quarter
Price/EPS Est. Current Yr
Price/EPS Est. Next Yr
PEG Ratio
Book Value
50-day Moving Avg
200-day Moving Avg
If you have other datasets that you would like Custom Visuals to obtain and process, please contact us with the details. We specialize in Bloomberg data, but have also worked with data from Reuters, MarkIt, SuperDerivates, etc. As mentioned on our main page, our goal is to make data analysis easy for our customers by carrying as much of the the ETL (Extract, Translate, Load) burden for your IT department as possible.

DJIA Components (20 min delay)

AAPL144.712017-04-25 13:55:000.743,587,035
AXP80.872017-04-25 13:54:000.522,718,145
BA183.262017-04-25 13:55:000.661,947,985
CAT104.092017-04-25 13:55:007.5213,915,630
CSCO33.442017-04-25 13:55:000.487,273,653
CVX106.512017-04-25 13:55:000.552,305,902
DD82.142017-04-25 13:55:003.492,102,294
DIS115.262017-04-25 13:55:001.373,900,535
GE29.492017-04-25 13:55:00-0.2023,350,546
GS226.922017-04-25 13:55:001.662,696,961
HD153.47012017-04-25 13:55:001.043,827,889
IBM160.95922017-04-25 13:55:000.132,885,946
INTC36.912017-04-25 13:55:000.444,688,986
JNJ123.442017-04-25 13:55:000.452,846,431
JPM88.632017-04-25 13:55:001.2911,605,188
KO43.1852017-04-25 13:55:00-0.229,524,447
MCD141.582017-04-25 13:55:005.487,540,734
MMM195.022017-04-25 13:55:000.412,860,363
MRK62.562017-04-25 13:55:000.684,790,544
MSFT67.832017-04-25 13:55:000.4414,445,465
NKE55.5452017-04-25 13:55:000.146,069,979
PFE33.892017-04-25 13:55:000.449,775,674
PG89.9552017-04-25 13:55:000.453,981,758
TRV121.462017-04-25 13:55:000.74678,119
UNH174.32017-04-25 13:55:001.141,780,302
UTX117.022017-04-25 13:55:000.601,642,623
V92.1652017-04-25 13:55:000.344,757,227
VZ46.7552017-04-25 13:55:00-0.6316,135,945
WMT74.99992017-04-25 13:54:000.292,968,305
XOM81.632017-04-25 13:55:000.644,707,799