Our automated processing services run from our servers. Services include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Website file downloads / uploads
  • FTP site file downloads / uploads
  • Database Loading / Reporting
  • Excel File Reading / Writing / Charting
  • Email Sending / Receiving
  • Website Forms
  • Data / Database Storage

One of the scenarios we often encounter is clients performing a set of steps to a set of files throughout the day. These steps often follow a simple decision tree that can be automated. We develop a service that can handle as much of this as possible and get our clients back to the creative and problem-solving parts of their business. Depending on the process complexity and/or how often the process is run, we can either charge an up-front development fee or spread the fee over a year.

We Colocate our server with CyberLynk. Server Colocation means Custom Visuals configures and provides a server to a facility, and the facility provides a high-speed network connection for our server. We've been very impressed with CyberLynk's network speed and services. The image provided shows the results from a Network Speed test for our server at the time this paragraph was written. You can take your own Network Speed test for comparison.


Cost Estimator


What are the data sources for the process?


What are the data targets for the process?


How much data are we starting and ending with each time we run?


How often are we processing this data (i.e. 1 time each week day)?


After gathering all the source data, how many actions would a human take to create the output? Ignore Source and Target inputs and outputs, those are accounted for, already. Use the table for some simple examples. For instance creating one VLookup (1), format a Date column (1), format a Currency column (1) with all negatives in red (1), create two formulas (2) and a Chart (2) would be 8 actions. Multiple columns with the same format (i.e. Date as YYYY-MM-DD) is 1 action.

Type Steps
Create VLookup 1
Format Column Output (Date, Currency, etc.) 1
Format Cell Output (color, bold, etc.) 1
Create Formula 1
Create Chart 2

This is your estimated monthly service fee based on the Sources, Targets, Sizes, Frequency and Actions you provided.
Actual fees may vary after discussion and analysis.

As noted above, a development fee may be required depending on the higher complexity or lower frequency of the processing request.
Our goal is to reduce or waive the development fee and charge a monthly service fee, instead.

Would you like us to contact you? Just add your Name and Email. Add your phone if you prefer a phone call instead of email. Pass along any comments or questions in the message section. We won't spam or send your info to 3rd parties, this is only a discussion about your information.

We are always adding new automation services and would like to find out what industry you are in and what your business needs are. If you have two minutes, we would like your input to help with our Research.

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