During our consultation, our goal is to achieve the 4 main STEPs below.

S - Streamlining

T - Time Saving

E - Efficiency

P - Productivity

To obtain the goal we need to determine the entire process surrounding the data you are working with by answering and reviewing the following questions.

  • Where does the data originate?
  • How is it accessed?
  • What format is it in?
  • What changes need to be performed?
  • What results are required?
  • What format do the results need to be in?
  • Where are the results stored?
  • Where are the results sent?

We distinguish data from files, because data may be coming from any of the following:

  • A file on disk
  • A database query
  • An email client or server
  • A website
  • An FTP site
  • Other feeds

Example - Current Satellite Image Link

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