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Custom Visuals has performed a variety of data conversion over the years as part of our main processing services, as well as specific requests for clients. If you have a large dataset that will require substantial time from your core staff, consider having us take care of it. From custom remote sensing projects, to proprietary time-keeping data and more internet log processing than we ever thought possible, we've been there and done that.

Our typical cost is $1 per million fields. For instance if you have a file with 100,000 records and 10 columns per record, the fee would be $1. If you have a file, or set of files with the same format, with 4 million records and 25 columns per record, the cost is $100.

There may need to be some price adjustments if either the input or output format is particularly unusual.

Data conversion requests aren't really suitable for a web form due to the variety of information required. Please use our contact form and provide your details and requirements and we'll be happy to discuss them.