Software Automation, or Virtual Robots, are used to quickly and accurately perform repetitive tasks

Custom Visuals, LLC works with clients to develop applications and services around fast and efficient processing with an emphasis on client convenience. If you or your employees are doing the same 10 (or 50) steps to retrieve, process and transfer data throughout the day, we want to automate that for you. A brief video about software automation or virtual robots is on our home page if you'd like to know more about this.


What is your level of interest in Software Automation or Virtual Robots?

Which best describes your business or industry?

Which best describes your current position?

Which of these automated processes would you use the most?

Which of these automation benefits is needed the most at your company?

If an automated service existed that ran on our servers (no software installation on your computers) and allowed employees to be more creative and productive, would that be useful to you? If so, what would it take to earn your trust and business? Tell us what you need from a service or want to achieve.

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