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Custom Visuals collects and processes Energy data from several Independent System Operators (ISO's). As with our other products, our goal is to make your data processing as quick and easy as possible.

  • Data collected within moments of availability
  • Stored in database for fast processing
  • Specific customer data retrieved from database
  • Data converted to customer requested format
  • Data delivered to customer via specified route/protocol

The data shown to the right is a view of live data from the moment the web page was opened. Other data available from NYISO includes:

  • Day Ahead Pricing, Power and Load
  • Hour Ahead Pricing, Power and Load
  • Real Time Pricing (shown at right), Power and Load

Data is also available for other ISO's, such as New England ISO (ISO-NE) and MidWest ISO (MISO).

NYISO Real Time Zonal Pricing Data

Time StampNamePTIDLBMP ($/MWHr)Marginal Cost Losses ($/MWHr)Marginal Cost Congestion ($/MWHr)
04/25/2017 14:20:00WEST6175220.80-0.780.00
04/25/2017 14:20:00GENESE6175321.640.060.00
04/25/2017 14:20:00CENTRL6175422.030.450.00
04/25/2017 14:20:00NORTH6175520.32-1.250.00
04/25/2017 14:20:00MHK VL6175621.650.470.40
04/25/2017 14:20:00CAPITL6175725.301.25-2.47
04/25/2017 14:20:00HUD VL6175824.812.35-0.88
04/25/2017 14:20:00MILLWD6175931.242.61-7.06
04/25/2017 14:20:00DUNWOD6176035.982.63-11.77
04/25/2017 14:20:00N.Y.C.6176136.092.80-11.71
04/25/2017 14:20:00LONGIL6176236.713.43-11.70
04/25/2017 14:20:00H Q6184420.82-0.760.00
04/25/2017 14:20:00NPX6184528.371.73-5.07
04/25/2017 14:20:00O H6184620.41-1.170.00
04/25/2017 14:20:00PJM6184716.760.735.55